The focus of marriage preparation is not centered primarily on planning the wedding. Its focus is on preparing to live out a lifelong union of love with the Lord. This is not intended to diminish the couple's wedding ceremony, but to put it into proper perspective - namely, the significant sacramental event that initiates married life.

Couples should make arrangements to begin marriage preparation six to twelve months prior to a proposed date for the wedding.


Nine months to a year is preferred. This allows enough time after the formal marriage preparation for the details of the wedding.

The couple will meet with Fr. Santy Kurian for the initial interview to become acquainted and to review the process and take the FOCCUS (Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding, and Study) instrument. FOCCUS is a series of statements to which each person is asked to give responses in order to design a process suited for the particular couple.

After the FOCCUS results are graphed, the couple meets with the pastor or deacon to review it. 

The couple has a choice of attending an Engaged Encounter Weekend or meeting for five sessions with a Sponsor Couple. An Engaged Encounter Weekend is a weekend experience with other couples that helps a couple develop a sensitivity in feelings, strengthen communications, and learn more about what it means to share life with one another and the Lord. The Sponsor Couple Sessions are
meetings with married couples who exemplify their commitment and help the engaged couple learn about married life and how to live
out that commitment. The sessions use exercises that ask the spouses-to-be to share their answers and to be open to each other's responses.

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