STAY Ministry - Confirmation

"That filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit, we may always mirror Christ's presence in our relations with others, our openness to those in need and our living witness to the Gospel message of joy and peace."

- Pope Francis


Confirmation Class:
2020-2021:  Alternating Sundays, Thissen Youth Room, 1:15 PM-3:45 PM



Requirement  Specifics  Make-Up Opportunity 
Confirmation Class  100% Attendance  Make-Up Paper on Specific Subject 
Life Teen Nights  85% Attendance (4 Absences ONLY)  None 
Service Projects 1 Service Projects per year in each of the following 4 Categories:
    1. Liturgical Comittment 
       *Altar Server 
       * Choir 
       *Art & Environment 
       *Sacristin Help 

   2.  Parish Community 
       *Saints Day Activity (REQUIRED) 
       *Live Stations of The 
         Cross (REQUIRED) 
       *CCE Help 

   3.  Local Community
      *Nursing Home 
      *Public Library 
      *Volunteer at day school 
      *Local parks & Rec. 

   4. Social Justice 
       *Habitat for Humanity 
       *St. Vincent De Paul 
       *Local Soup Kitchen 
       *Souper Bowl of 


1 Ministry Interviews before April 2020 

Retreats  2 Required Retreats: 
Fall Retreat - TBD  
Spring Retreat - TBD  

 Must discuss with DYM to determine make-up retreat opportunities. 

Interviews  2 Total: 
Youth Minister Initial Interview 
Youth Minister Final Interview   
Sponsors  Sponsor should try and make at least one class with candidate once a quarter.  

As well, sponsor worksheets will be distributed for monthly discussion with sponsors.

A Sponsor/Candidate evening is planned for Spring 2020 


Requirements for Parents   Requirements for Sponsors 

1. Pray for your child  everyday! 

2. Turn in all forms: 
     Life Teen 
     Baptismal Certificate 
     Retreat Registration 

3. Bring your teen to all 
    Confirmation classes 
    ON TIME! 

4. Reinforce lessons 
    used in the text. 

5. Encourage your child 
    to attend 
    Life Teen activities. 

1. Pray for your candidate everyday. 

2. Meet with your candidate at least once a month. 

3. Attend the Parent/Sponsor Meeting. 

4. Attend the Sponsor/Candidate Evening 

5. Be present for the rehearsal the        
   before the Liturgy. 

6. Be present at the Liturgy of