St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church

Family Life Ministry


A ministry that exists to strengthen and support families. Works in tandem with other parish ministries to ensure a family perspective,

provide resources and training for families, and promote liturgical celebrations and family rituals that respect the uniqe role of families.


Our Mission Statement
We the Family Life Ministry (FLM) at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church (STACC)
will strive to foster a Christ-centered family as the
foundation for our parish Community and our Society.  
We will make every effort to build and strengthen Catholic values through family prayers,
community services, seminars, retreats, and other family centered activities.
We seek to have the Family as the instrument for God’s Word and Sacraments
to take root in every individual and family so that everyone may draw
closer to God and hear His call in our Christian/Catholic lives.
CONTACT: Anthony & Sue Miller, [email protected]