St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church

Staff / Clergy

Pastor: Father Joseph Pottemmel, M.S.F.S.- [email protected]

Parochial Vicar: Father Joseph Arulraj, M.S.F.S.-[email protected]

Parish Secretary: Leticia Cordova: [email protected]

Business Manager: Lee Meister- [email protected]

Bookkeeper: Vivian Kuoh- [email protected]

Music Director:Russ Martinez - [email protected]

Audio-Visual /Communications: Alexandra Pasculado: [email protected]

Data Entry Associate: David Truon: [email protected]

CCE Coordinator/Wedding and Funeral Aid: Matthew Falleri- [email protected]

Director of Youth Ministry: Charles Sheffield (Chazz)- [email protected]

Maintenance Supervisor: Eduardo Euceda

Custodian: Olga Cabañas

Parish Office: 281-240-6721

Aquians Early Childhood Center: 281-240-7196

Director: Erum Khan- [email protected]