Staff / Clergy

Pastor: Father Joseph Pottemmel, M.S.F.S. - [email protected]

Parochial Vicar: Father Mathew Thayil, M.S.F.S. - [email protected]
Parish Deacon: Deacon Sam Dunning - [email protected]
Parish Business Manager: Lee Meister - [email protected]
Parish Secretary: Leticia Cordova -
Parish Bookkeeper: Vivian Kuoh - [email protected]

Facilities Coordinator: Lee Meister - [email protected]

Aquinas Early Childhood Center: 281-240-7196
Director: Erum Khan - [email protected]

Religious Education Office: 281-240-6721

CCE Coordinator: Matthew Falleri -
Adult Confirmation: Elaine and Wayne Herff - [email protected]
RCIA: Scott Sabol - [email protected]
Little Church: Matthew Falleri - [email protected]

Music Minister
Mathew Maglasang - [email protected]

Parish Groups and Ministries
Altar Servers: : Manuel Marasigan - [email protected] 
Annulment: Jim Sloat - [email protected]

Aquinas Early Child Care Committee: Marilou Sagullo - [email protected]
Art and Environment: Donna Buzco - [email protected]

Baptism Preparation Team: Tony and Sue Miller - aa[email protected]
Baptismal Garments: Evangeline Bernardino - 
Bereavement: Janie Yanez - [email protected]

Bible Study: Arlene Schroeder - [email protected]

Blood Drive: Dana Bryan Lee - [email protected]
Building and Grounds: Jerry Pelton - [email protected]

Catholic Daughters of the Americas Court Aquinas #2266 - Regent: Terry Alvarado - [email protected]

Disaster Preparedness Team: Gerard VanDeursen - [email protected]

Eucharistic Adoration: Jenny Gonsalves - [email protected]
Eucharistic Ministers: Duke & Malou Marasigan[email protected]
Eucharistic Ministry to the Sick: Rose & Lino Manahan - [email protected]
Evangelization Team: Viviane Anicete - [email protected]

Family Life Ministry: Anthony & Sue Miller - [email protected]
Finance Council: Cedric Soares - [email protected]
First Wednesday Devotions: Arlene Schroeder - 
[email protected]
Funeral Aid: Verna Patout - [email protected]
Funeral Assistants: Donna Buzco - [email protected]
Funeral Reception Ministry: Liz Moon - [email protected]

Hampton at Meadows Assisted Living: Cindy Van Deursen - [email protected]
Hospitality Ministers: Milo Chancoco - [email protected]
House of Amos: Jim Godlove -  [email protected]

Knights of Columbus Fr. Jack Whitley Council # 7382: 

Grand Knight, S.K. Charles Cantrell - [email protected]

Deputy Grand Knight,  James Stark - [email protected]

Learn English Ministry Coordinator: Ben Idowu - [email protected]
Lectors: Rodney Pinina - [email protected]
Legion of Mary: Alcie Chancoco - [email protected]
Little Church: Matthew Falleri - mfal[email protected]
Liturgical Ministers Coordinator: Donna Buzco - [email protected]
Liturgy Committee: Emmanuel Ofili  - [email protected]
Liturgy Coordinator: Fr. Joseph Pottommel - [email protected]

Marriage Sponsor Couples: Cindy and Gerard VanDeursen - [email protected][email protected]
Meals Ministry: Liz Moon - liz[email protected]
Men's Retreat: Scott Sabol - [email protected]
Money Counters: Lee Meister - [email protected]

Natural Family Planning: Julie and Tristan Ibarra - [email protected] and [email protected]

Office Volunteers: Leticia Cordova -
Our Lady of Guadalupe: Ninfa Vela[email protected]
Our Lady of Perpetual Help: Milo and Alcie Chancoco - [email protected] and [email protected]

Parish Pastoral Council Coordinator: Emmanuel Ofili - [email protected]
Parishioners from Africa: Carole Eke - [email protected]
Prayer Blanket: Beth Tayam - [email protected]

Prayer Groups:

Emmanuel Ofili (New Jerusalem Charismatic) - [email protected]
Yolanda Sison (Magnificat) - [email protected]
Nerina Lyons (St. Luke) - [email protected]

Prayer Shawl: Rosalinda Gracia - [email protected]

Quinceanera Team: Norma Moreno - [email protected]

RCIA - Scott Sabol - [email protected]
Respect Life: Joanne Schmidt [email protected]

Seamstress: Margaret Stone - [email protected]
St. Thomas Aquinas Event Committee: Malou Marasigan - [email protected]
St. Vincent de Paul Society: Justin Wong - [email protected]
STARS: Gloria Vital - [email protected]
Stewardship: Ndidi Chidume - [email protected]

Vocations Committee: Manuel Marasigan - [email protected]

Webmaster: Joanne Schmidt - [email protected]
Wedding Coordinator: Donna Buzco - [email protected]

Welcoming Committee: Therese Ferrell - [email protected]
Women's Retreat: Truc Bui - [email protected]

Young Adult Ministry (YASTA): Alexandra Pasculado - [email protected]

Youth Minister: Rachel Alcocer - [email protected]